Inexpensive ways to improve the warehouse space utility

Inexpensive ways to improve the warehouse space utility

According to research, when the warehouse storage capacity exceeds 85 percent, there normally is a corresponding reduction in productivity. The solution, especially during those peak times, is to improve the warehouse storage capacity. Even when things seem to be stretched to the limit, including budget-wise, there will likely still be techniques that can amplify the storage capacity of the warehouse. Here are a few suggestions.


People do not realize just how much space aisles take up; creating very narrow aisles can therefore be an effective way to increase storage capacity, especially of items that employees do not necessarily access very often. Even though the reduced space limits access in some ways, it is a proven technique when it comes to inexpensively creating space.


Sometimes, capacity is simply a matter of evaluating your technology, and then optimizing it to serve you better. There are the obvious suspects, like the warehouse management systems, whose improvement can dramatically improve operations and space utilization. However, simpler options are available. Technological evaluation can be as simple as buying a better storage cabinet. The 5010-30-1795 immediately comes to mind. It is a heavy duty industrial shelf that comes with up to 30 hook on bins. The amount of space that such a storage set-up offers, especially for the smaller items or products is unbelievable.


The trick with inventory management is that it is so simple that many people often think they have nailed it. Here is the rationale; without regular checks, it is very easy for excess products to accumulate quickly. If inventory volumes seem too high and this is affecting the storage setup, then it might be time to re-evaluate things. This is such an easy and relatively inexpensive way to utilize warehouse space and lower the costs involved in storage.


Sometimes, the solution to storage problems is a restructuring and reconfiguration of the house. Assess the space in its entirety, then go on to make strides to improve facility-wide flow of products from the beginning to the end. You might find that small changes in the orientation of the warehouse will result in huge changes, especially during the peak periods.

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