Choosing warehouse storage: the most important requirements

Choosing warehouse storage: the most important requirements

It is not uncommon to outsource warehouse storage needs to established locations owned by commercial shipping and storage companies.  However, the selection process can be a particularly tedious and time consuming process. There are many things to think about; here are some of the most important ones.


Most companies will consider the location first. Basically, the aim of storage space is to store products temporarily before they have to be delivered to the market, or to store raw materials before use in a manufacturing plant. What this means is the storage location needs to be at a convenient location, a place where it can easily be accessed or where there are clear pathways to the client locations (optimal zones). This reduces transportation costs for both the company hiring out space and their clients.


It is not enough, though, for the warehouse to be at a strategic location. It must also be easily accessible. The targeted location must be easy to reach from the major highways and their arteries. In case the company hiring the space is involved in the export/ import business, then there must be easy access from the airport.


Reputation matters in all industrial fields and the storage business is no exception. Ask for a review of the warehouse and Storage Company and their customer profile before they making a commitment. Ask for a list of previous clients from them and review it to see if there are any major players or recognizable clients. Do they still store their goods with the storage company? How many square feet did they take before? Be wary of storage companies that have many clients who can only take up small spaces in their warehouses. This could be a sign that they do not have the kind of experience or service delivery standards to attract major industry players and large capacity clients.


Storage decisions should only be made after an actual visit. Check whether basics like the 3st-ex3048-95 are available within their fleet or equipment, and how much you will have to invest to make up the deficit.